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Rs. 2100 Per Sq. Yd.
1 /4
Plot Size : 100/200/300
Project Type: Residential
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Project Overview:

Available in the area of up to 500 sq.yd. and starting from 100 to 200 and 300 sq. yd. White group online offers the best White Temple Town, Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh in the price of just rs. 3500 per sq. yd. If you need to have the devotional environment what could be best than investment by buying property in Vrindavan. Serving the best deal with the basic amenities the project is designed to enjoy the real living.
Vrindavan – the land of devotion were love is the symbol and every festival is celebrated with so much joy. It is the best option to invest if you are looking for the property in Mathura or Vrindavan.

This place may bring a great interest over the invested amount as a large number of devotees from not only India but from all around the country come to visit the famous Brij Bihari temple. The Real Estate in Vrindavan is demanded because of only one reason a large number of devotees come and stay. Holding a residential plot for sale in Vrindavan is what everyone doesn’t get easier. If you are staying in a nearby location than picking up such opportunities may be a perfect option of price value increment.
And that is not all. The food that we are eating, growing in the same environment is also loaded with toxins. With air, water and food becoming almost lethal due to the pollutants they carry, wanting a safe abode for our future is not a luxury anymore.
 It is mandatory.

Going by the high prices of land in safe heavens of fresh air and water, getting there seems impossible.
So, what to do?
Where to go?
Are you going to let your children suffer the same fate?
Would you do something to save guard at least your old age?
Or for that matter would you give yourselves few weeks of fresh air every year for rejuvenation? 
Is it possible?
Yes, it is.
Because, there is a solution.
In the hills of Kumaon in Uttarakhand!
It is place yet unexplored.

Untouched by human interference and activity, Peaceful and serene.
 6000 ft above sea level, where blooming flowers, carnations, blushing geraniums and dancing marigolds welcome the day. The night settles quietly in the evening after the mynahs, pipits, bulbuls and other diverse birds finish their melodious songs. Surrounded by lush oak trees, coniferous rhododendrons and fruit laden orchards, divine beauty walks here with mystic charm. Snow capped Himalayas cuddle this place in their lap while white feathery clouds kiss its forehead. 

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Price : Rs. 2100 Per Sq. Yd.

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