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Rs. 3500 Per Sq. Yd.
1 /8
Plot Size : 240 Sq.Yards
Project Type: Apple Farms with Cottage
Start Your New Journey In a Fresh And Healthy Environment Get Rid of Pollution and Breath Some Pure Air In Uttrakhand
 It is the right time to get your Dream House with Apple farming In Uttrakhand
 {Once in a lifetime opportunity to own an Apple farming Plot with a Cottage (Opt. & Chargeable) in hills}
 Let Us Help You Start a New and Healthy Journey In the Hills Of Nainital.
Fresh Air
It is an opportunity to avoid the poisonous air of other cities and enjoy the breeze of the Mountain. You get to live in your Plot of Apple farming cottage (Opt. & Chargeable) along with your loved ones.
Get the most competitive prices and close a deal by submitting the 10% cost of your project. Repay your loan in Easy EMIs.
Apple Plantation
Use your cottage to start an apple plantation business and become a part of the booming industry of Apple Farming in Uttrakhand. You can get all the resources from our business partners.

 Quality Organic Foods
Adapt the organic food from the healthy culture of Uttrakhand. You can get 100% organic food to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can become a part of the chain with your apple farming too.
Return on Investment
Starting the Apple Plantation business will allow you to repay your loan without using your funds. Start apple farming and begin exporting the apple through an easy process.
About Project
This project aims to help people who are planning to spend some time in Uttrakhand. With this project, anyone can own an Apple farming plot with the cottage (Opt. & Chargeable) in this beautiful hill station and start a new & healthy journey of their life.
We offer a Plot with an Apple Plantation & a small cottage (Opt. & Chargeable) where you can explore the real meaning of life. Additionally, you get an opportunity to start an Apple farming business right from your house.
It comes with enough space to start Apple farming and become a part of the central business of Nainital. The best things are that you can quickly pay your EMIs by running this business.
The reason behind running this project with this opportunity is to allow everyone to live their life to the fullest.
Hence, if you have any doubts or queries, you can always contact our customer support,  011-4151-4344 (M) 9999120092, and we will assist you with them.

Project Video:

Price : Rs. 3500 Per Sq. Yd.

How To Pay:
At the time of booking:  05% of Total Cost  (B.S.P)
At the time of Allotment: 10% of Total Cost (B.S.P)
At the time of Registry:   45 % of Total Cost (B.S.P)
18 interest-free Installments: 40% of Total Cost (B.S.P)
(Will commence from just next months from the Registry)

Why Choose Us?
Getting a new plot is so exciting. That is the reason why we always provide our best services to our clients. Our project is an initiative to help people start a new life in Uttrakhand to get rid of the pollution in most cities.
However, we understand the financial situation of our clients and offer some reliable plans to pay for them. This way, we ensure that there is no obstacle between you and your dream Plots (with Apple Plantation) & a Small Cottage.
Here are some of the things you must know:
Our Experience
We started our Real Estate services 10 (ten) years ago. Through these years, we have helped thousands of our clients to get the house of their dreams. We can say that the reason is our success is the trust of our clients in our services.
We hear your requirements and find the best property for you. Additionally, we run some projects that suit the needs of all our buyers like you.
Our Vision
Through our Real Estate services, we want to ensure that everyone can get the house they dreamt of. Everyone likes to breathe pure air in the hill stations, and we help them do so.
With the best infrastructure and well-planned architectural designs, we provide value to our customers in every possible way.
Meeting the requirements of our clients and closing the deal with honesty is our Mantra to run our business. You can contact our Customer Support, in case of a query of any type.
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